The Terms

 what this terms cover. this are he terms and conditions on what the supplier will supply services to you.

why you should read them. please read these terms and conditions carefully before you submit your booking to us. this terms tell you who we are , how the supplier will provide services to you, how you and we may change or end the contract. what to do if their is a problem and other important information. if you think that their is mistake in these terms, please contact us to discuss. 


3.1 HOW WE WILL ACCEPT YOU BOOKING. Our acceptance of booking you will take place when we will mail you to accept it .at which point a contract will come to existence on these terms between you and the supplier.


will not charge you for the service. This might be because the car you have requested is unavailable If the supplier is unable to accept the your booking, we will inform you this in writing and we on the date you have specified, the car not be provided in the requested location , because we have identify an error in the price or description of the car .this is not an exhaustive list and reasons may vary.


We will acquire and manage your booking on be half of the supplier up to the deposit payment being received and reconciled. at which point your booking will be handover to the supplier and you ill be provided with suppliers contact details.


our website is solely for the promotion of services in Goa. Unfortunately our supplier will not accept booking for services to  be provided out side the Goa. The areas of the Goa which are covered will vary from car to car and we may be not be able to accept your booking if its out side the relevant area.

  1. the supplier services

4.1 cars may vary slightly from their pictures.

The car you book will be the actual car provided on the day . however the images of the cars on you website are for  illustrative purpose only and are provided by the supplier. Although we have made every effort to display the size and the accurately , we can not guarantee that a your computer, mobile phone or tablet will accurately display the color and the dimensions of the cars , thus your car may vary slightly from those images.

4.2 cars may vary slightly from their descriptions.

The car you book will be the actual car  provided in the day. The description of the car on your website is for the information purpose only and provided by the supplier. Although we have made every effort to ensure that the information is correct at the time of publish, we can not guarantee that a device description accurately reflects the color  dimensions of the cars .your car vary slightly to its description.

4.3 The scope of suppliers services. In usual circumstances.  The booking from the subsequent contract is for the condition of the bridal from the designated collection address and onward transaction to the church.  It also covers the journey of the newly weds from the ceremony venue to the designated reception venue their are no extra to pay unless extra service are requested  on the day of the service. These this request are the suppliers discretion and  will be charged suppliers outlying rate.

4.4.  Special service excluded from the contract.

On occasions . At the suppliers sole description. Their May be other special instructions that are supplied .by special request . On a no cost goodwill  basis. Customers should know that extra that have Been not charged for are strictly excluded from the contract. Invoice or any refunds may occur .their for no refunds are ever due .in any circumstances that a recommends that you are cover with adequate insurance .

4.5 no food .drink. or smoke in the cars .

No smoke or the food is allowed  in the cars unless prior concentration has been given by the supplier. Indian law prohibits smoking in the car use by the public and all our suppliers. Adopt a strike no smoking policy. 

4.6 choice of  route. The suppliers chauffeurs will choose the router based on experience and knowledge of the local area and used of satellite and navigation.  They will accept the router requested by you. However  should result this in extra mileage or time been added to the journey.  A charge may me made. 

4.7 late alterations made to the booking .  Any alteration made to the booking note of the service or a request  for the additional time may incur an extra charge or May not honored if that conflicts with that another booking .

4.8 damage to the car . You will be responsible for the conduct of all passenger during the service and the suppliers reserves right to invoice or make a charge to you for any looser or damage  sustain to any part of the car cause by any passenger or third party indicate  to cause damage to the car .A  a minimum charge of 100 $  will be applied to cover valet cost should fouling be caused by any passengers through food drink or illness. 

4.9 passengers misbehavior. Violence full language. Intimidation antagonism or any from social behavior towards the chauffeur  or any other no. Of the suppliers staff will not tolerated and will result in the immediate termination of the service and  police involvement.  Act of vandalism or malicious damage caused to the car may face prosecution. 

4.10.  No responsibilities for the belongingness left in the car . The suppliers or chauffeur will check the car for passengers belonging left in the car after a service.  However the suppliers can not be held responsible for any item broken during tell journey or left in the car after the service it is up to you to ensure you have all your belongings at the end of the service. 

4.11 confidential of  information. The suppliers offers the policy of total discretion for all clients . The suppliers or chauffeur will not discuss who travel with them .to where or  with whom unless authorized by you to do so. that acceptation to this policy is wedding photography for company promotion purpose.  Their for unless formally  instructed to the contrary.  The suppliers may take photographs at the weddings and published them in its literature or on its or our website..if you do not wish to have your image used please make us aware of this in writing when paying the deposit or balance of the service. 

4.12 extra . Their are no extra to pay unless extra services are requested on the day of the service.  These request are at the discretion of the suppliers and will be charged at the suppliers hourly rate.

4.13 no alcohol generally allowed. The supplier does not hold a premises or person alcohol license and the suppliers is prohibited from including the sale of the alcohol as a part of act. suppliers fees and request of the customer.  The suppliers may provide complementary bubbly to toast the celebration after the ceremony.  This will Mon alcohol and must be consumed inside the car . Discretion is applied in a number of scenarios . For example. But not exclusively. 

  • where the customer has not requested it.
  • where there is no onward journey from the ceremony venue. 
  • where the journey to recreation venue is short
  • where the supplier is prohibited by the local council to which they are based or are providing the services. 
  1. Your right to make changes .

5.1 if you wish to make a changes to your car you have order before handover please contact us. We will liaise with the supplier and let you know if the change is possible. If it is possible we will let you know about any the changes to the price of the car . The timing of supply or anything else which would be a necessary as a result of your request change  and ask you to confirm whether you wish to go ahead with the change. If we can not make the change or if the consequences of making change are unacceptable to you may want to end the contract.  Your rights to do this are as set below. After hand over you should liaise with the supplier.

6.the suppliers right to make change.

6.1 minor change to the car. 

The supplier may change the car.

To reflect change in relevant laws and regulatory technical adjustments .

6.2 more significant change to tell service. 

In addition the supplier may take more substantial changes to the cars. But if the supplier does so .either we or the supplier will notify you and you may than contact us. (Before handover) or the suppliers  (after handover ) to end the contact before the changes take effort and receive  a refund  for anything that you have paid  up to that date.

6.3 changes to our terms. 

We may change this terms time to time but the terms applications to the booking will be the terms in force when the booking was made.  Unless you agree the change or the change is required due to the change in law.

7. Providing the services 

7.1 when the supplier will the services. 

The suppliers will provide the service on the date set out in the booking conformation. 

7.2 what will happened if you do not give required information to us.

We may need certain information from you so that the supplier can provide the service to you. For example.  Number of people in the car and address for pick up and drop off. We will contact you to ask this questions  . We you do not give us this information within a reasonable time of asking for it or if you give us complete or incorrect information  . We may either end the contract on be half of the supplier .or made an additional charge of reasonable sum to compensate the supplier for any extra work that is required as a result. the supplier will be not responsible for providing services late for this is cause by you not giving us or the supplier the correct information. 

7.3 the supplier will be not responsible for delays outside the suppliers control .

Suppliers supply the services delayed by an even outside the suppliers control for example.  But not exclusive to. Heavy traffic road closures than the supplier will contact you as soon as possible to let you know and the supplier will take steps to minimize the effect of the delay.  Provided the supplier does this , the supplier will not be liable to delay caused by any event  we recommend you that you are covered with adequate insurance. On the contrary . If the supplier supply  the services is late due to suppliers faults . Than you may treat the contract as to an end straight away , but you tell the supplier before you making use of the services . If you use the car you will lose your right  to terminate,  but may still entitled to apart refund. 

7.4 your right if the car becomes unavailable prior to the wedding day .

Either we or the supplier will contact you in advance to tell you that the supplier cannot provide the services agreed,  unless the problem is urgent or an emergency,  for example, but not exclusive to theft,  damage breakdown, which occurs less than 24 hours prior to the commencement of the planned itinerary . ( if so clause 7.5 may apply ) if the supplier is no longer pro provide you within the contracted car for example but not exclusive to theft, damage or breakdown which can not be repaired before the date of the booking ,we will give you the possibility to choose another car of similar specification, if available.  If we are unable to source a similar car ( may be provided by a different ,if you want to end the contract before it completed where  the supplier is not at fault. Just contact us. ( Before handover over)or the supplier ( after handover over)to let us or supplier know . The contract will end immediately,  but we will keep any money you have paid in advance as a deposit and may charge you a cancellation fees as compensation for the cost of the supplier will incur as a result for your ending the contract. The amount such as a cancellation fees will be depend on the date on which you end the contract  and on whether  the supplier will be rebook the car. if the car not be rebooked and cancellation is communicated mire than 10 weeks before the wedding you must pay 50% of the total booking price and will be required to pay the difference between your deposit and this charge. If you cancel within in 10 or less weeks all of the remaining balance is due. if the car not be rebooked.  The supplier will only keep the money you have paid as a deposit and no more money will be owned to the supplier.

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